Ruben Salinas

Senior Business Development Manager, CAPITAL Division – Americas, David Brown Santasalo

Next generation of drives – sustainable solutions for high torque applications in mining - IPCC, Day 3, 14:30-15:00

Ruben has extensive experience working as applications engineer and business development manager within the process equipment and power transmission industry with drives/gears, LV/MV motors/motor controls & automation sectors and has served various multinational corporations.  In his current role, he serves as the Business Development Manager - Americas for David Brown Santasalo Gearing company which is the most experienced, and longest legacy company in the world with a combined history of over 285 years within the power transmission/gearing industry. Ruben has been involved with several innovative and industry leading-edge technologies and product introductions and works to assist industry leaders in their process and product improvements areas as well as helping with improving operational efficiencies and being a part of transformative change to assist OEM and end users with their top line revenue.