Jim Hawkins

CEO, Railveyor

Showcase: Economically decarbonising material haulage in the real world - Showcase Stage, Day 2, 11:30-12:00

In his 35-year career at Caterpillar, Jim Hawkins led various parts of that organisation in the functional areas of Engineering, New Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Dealer Administration, Product Management and, most recently, as the MineStar technology business (where he was General Manager). In that latter role, Hawkins was responsible for the development, sales, implementation, operation and support of technologies developed for the mining industry to aid customers in enhancing their safety while increasing their productivity and efficiency. Notably, he led the organisation to develop and commercialise autonomy for mobile equipment. He joins Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc as a seasoned global executive who has a proven record of a strong focus on customers. He will focus on helping an established Rail-Veyor team deliver strong and broad success for its customers.