Jim Fisk

Executive Director, Railveyor

Rail-Veyor at Doe Run Casteel: Implementing   innovation through collaboration- Grand Ballroom, Day 2, 15:30-16:00

Jim Fisk brings over 45 years of experience with engineering, manufacturing and entrepreneurial companies in railroad and railroad related industries. Jim is a tireless, practical problem solver and dares us all to ask: “What if we succeed?”

Jim has been the Executive Director of Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc since 2022 and, before that, was the Executive Chairman of the company for a dozen years. Prior to this, Jim was the Vice President and Chief Mechanical Officer for Kansas City Southern Railroad from 2003 to 2005 and again in 2009 to 2010.

In the intervening years, he was the Vice President of Continuous Improvement at locomotive manufacturer Electro Motive Diesel.

Before that, Jim held various positions of executive leadership for companies such National Railway Equipment Co, Wisconsin Central Transportation Corp and Milwaukee Road.

Jim is the only American to ever hold a board seat at the European Railway Commission (UIC) – Mechanical Division. He was formerly the Adviser to the University of Sheffield Railway Engineering School.

Jim is a director at several privately held companies and has worked across the globe.