Jaco Botha

MD, 4Sight OT - Asset Simulation

Full-scope simulation to test a mine electrification business case - Grand Ballroom, Day 3, 15:00-15:30

Jaco Botha is a registered Professional Engineer with a vast level of expertise in the development of and project management of mining and logistical computer simulation models. He holds a degree in Industrial engineering from the University of Pretoria and is a member of the South African Institute of Industrial Engineers (SAIIE).

He has been actively involved in computer simulation since 1995 and is passionate about problem solving using computer simulation. He enjoys the challenge of using creativity and teamwork to find solutions to complex problems. Jaco currently serves as the Director of Simulation Technologies at 4Sight and leads a team of industrial engineers that has completed over 300 successful simulation projects worldwide.

He has used his expertise to help numerous mining companies make breakthroughs using simulation technologies. Jaco actively uses advanced simulation technologies to test the feasibility and optimisation areas to deploy battery-electric vehicles in mines in order to minimise risk to mining clients.