Grant Graber

President, Virta.

Innovation in execution for the engineering and delivery of overland conveyor systems - IPCC, Day 3, 09:30-10:00

Grant brings 30 years of experience to Virta in all facets of global bulk material handling system delivery. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and holds professional engineer licences in Canada and USA. A recognised industry expert, Grant’s expertise includes engineering, management, business development and executive roles, securing and delivering projects worldwide in mining, processing, ports and chemical products industries. Grant has a proven track record in bulk material handling equipment design, technical and execution innovation, teamwork, project completion and client satisfaction. Specifically, he has overseen the securing, development and engineering of bulk material handling projects in 16 countries, including over 50 km of overland conveyors and dozens of projects involving plant conveyors, feeders, stockpile and reclaim systems, truck and train loadouts, ship loaders and other equipment for copper, gold, iron, zinc, lead, coal, coke, waste, tailings, kimberlite, fertiliser and aggregate handling systems.