Gilbert Lamarche

VP Technical Services, Foran Mining.

Sandvik customer & partner insight: From trials   to production fleets – next-level BEV adoption - Grand Ballroom, Day 2, 12:15-13:00

Gilbert Lamarche is the Vice President of Technical Services for Foran Mining. He is a registered professional engineer holding a degree in Mining Engineering from Laurentian University. Gilbert completed his engineer-in-training program at the Kidd Creek Mine before joining SRK Consulting, UK, for a few years. He then worked for Vale’s Base Metals Operations in Sudbury, Ontario, for 15 years spending his time between operations and technical services, which included Mine Manager roles at the Totten and Coleman Mines as well as concluding as the Head of Mines and Mills Technical Services for Vale’s North Atlantic Operations. He joined Foran Mining in May 2022, excited to design and build an underground base metals mine in central Saskatchewan.