Felipe Cevallos Becker

Co-Founder and CEO, Reborn Electric Motors.

EV worker transport solutions at the world’s largest underground copper mine - Grand Ballroom, Day 3, 15:30-16:00

Felipe Cevallos Becker is a Mechanical Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and also a lecturer at that university. Felipe co-founded Reborn Electric Motors in the year 2017, with the focus on retrofitting old diesel buses with new electric systems through a circular economy concept. In the year 2020, Reborn Electric Motors started a new line of products, focusing on the development of new electric buses designed specifically for the mining industry. In 2021, Reborn Electric was awarded a contract to deliver 104 electric buses to electrify the complete underground mine operation of Division El Teniente from Codelco, the biggest underground copper mine in the world. Currently, Reborn Electric Motors has a factory in Rancagua, Chile, with the capacity to retrofit or build over 200 electric buses per year.