Albrecht Brodkorb

Principal Key Expert "Rail Electrification", Siemens Mobility.

Evolution of trolley-assist infrastructure for fully electric operation - Grand Ballroom, Day 3, 10:00-10:30

Albrecht Brodkorb holds an Engineering Doctorate degree for “Electric Railways” of Technical University, Dresden, Germany. He started his career with German Railway in 1983 in research and engineering for rail power supply systems. He was developing software tools for the dimensioning of rail power supply networks and for simulation of interaction between pantographs and overhead contact lines. Albrecht started with Siemens in 1992 in the unit “Rail-Electrification” and has held positions such as Head of the Department for design of overhead contact lines and for technical support for contact line systems worldwide. Albrecht was Principal Engineer and CTO for Railway Electrification in Siemens Mobility Division from 2007 up to 2018, responsible for development, design and approval of rail power supply solutions. Since 2018, he has acted as Principal Key Expert “Rail Electrification” in Siemens Mobility GmbH.

Albrecht is active as a convenor and member of standardisation committees in IEC and CENELEC for several fields of electric railways. He is member of the expert group of European Railway Agency regarding energy-sector.

For the past 30 years Albrecht has promoted the transfer of traction power supply technology from railways to mining applications and has been involved in all Siemens Trolley-Assist infrastructure solutions worldwide, covering feasibility, consulting, design and implementation.