We specialise in mining and tunnelling technology that empowers you to unearth safety and productivity improvements. Over the last 30 years we have consistently delivered innovative solutions that not only address the needs of our customers today, but also their future needs. Our technology enables you to build your digital ecosystem, but what does that mean? Smart sensors are wirelessly connected to the network allowing you to control and automate your mobile and fixed assets. Monitoring and tracking of your personnel and assets are achieved through wearable tags that provide real-time insights and alerts. Our voice and communication technologies are there to support you when you need it the most. And we have the software solutions to make sense of all this data. But this wouldn’t be possible without the right network infrastructure and wireless technologies. Our smart network can handle all these data and connectivity requirements, including all future needs, making it the essential foundation of your digital ecosystem. If your goal is to achieve operational excellence across mining, tunnelling, remote construction or in a quarry we are here to help you.