Diesel fuel is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and one of the biggest drivers of costs on a mining site. Up to 50% of a mine’s operational costs can also be attributable to fuel costs. 60%-70% of these fuel costs are attributable to load/haul/dump activities alone. McLaren Applied’s Fuel Analytics Platform can help mine operators fulfil the dual objective of improving sustainability and reducing costs, while not compromising on performance. The solution provides analytics based prescriptive guidance in real time that importantly shows how to achieve targeted fuel performance gains. McLaren Applied has decades of experience analysing the performance of Formula 1 cars, including fuel consumption. The repetitive nature of F1 cars doing laps around a circuit mirrors the operations of mining vehicles going to and from the ore face to a dumping point. By applying principles learned in Formula 1 Racing, McLaren Applied is helping mining companies realise significant fuel performance gains.