Calvera Hydrogen is a leading and pioneering firm in the European hydrogen industry. Founded in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1954, Calvera Hydrogen is playing a key role in the energy transition standing out  in the hydrogen industry value chain thanks to it being the only company in the world manufacturing all phases of the hydrogen logistics and distribution chain, from the moment the hydrogen molecule is generated, until it is dispensed for final vehicle consumption.

Specifically and for the mining and metals industry, the company plays an important role in the engineering and manufacture of hydrogen infrastructure equipment for:

  • Hydrogen refuelling units for heavy duty all road tube trailers with highest flow;
  • Manufacturing of heavy-duty all road tube trailers with all technologies and the highest capacity;
  • Complete Heavy Duty Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Heavy Vehicles for mining; and
  • Online monitoring and interlink of the complete supply chain.

Backed by more than 43 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-pressure hydrogen transport, storage and dispensing equipment with the highest safety, quality and reliability standards, it is currently the most important Hydrogen Refuelling Station and Tube Trailers manufacturer in southern Europe and one of the most significant on a global scale.